What are the eras of communication? (2024)

What are the eras of communication?

The purpose of this section is to update this division and show that there are actual five distinct periods of human communication namely, the pre-verbal, the oral, the literate, the electric and the electronic ages.

What are the 4 eras of communication?

Meyrowitz continues to dissect the evolution of the medium into four eras: oral, scribal, modern, and post-modern. During the oral era, people relied heavily on elders, spoken communication, rhymes, and witnesses to remember a time and event.

What are the 4 main periods in the history of communication according to McLuhan?

McLuhan viewed the invention or progress of communication technology as the driving force of social reform. Based on this, McLuhan divided human history into four epochs – the tribal age, the literacy age, the print age, and the electronic age (Griffin et al., 2019).

What era of communication are we currently in?

This 400-year period gave way to the “Audiovisual Era,” which only lasted 140 years, from 1850 to 1990, and was marked by the invention of radio, telegraph, telephone, and television. Our current period, the “Internet Era,” has only lasted from 1990 until the present.

What are the five early forms of communication?

Some of the oldest forms of human communication include talking or making sounds, drawing or painting, dancing, acting, and using symbols.

What are the 4 ages of media?

Media can be classified broadly into four historical ages: the ages of newspapers and place, magazines and class, broadcasting and mass, and Internet and space.

What are the 4 historical ages of media?

In this article, we will see the chronological order of the evolution of mass media throughout the ages.
  • Pre-Industrial Age.
  • Industrial Age (1700 to 1930)
  • Electronic Age (1930s to 1980s)
  • Evolution of New Media (21st Century)
Jan 23, 2019

What are the 4 laws of media McLuhan?

But McLuhan's 4 laws of media are probably much less well known. I recently ran across them, and was struck by how meaningful they are. McLuhan said that when you introduce new media, 4 things inevitably happen: the new media enhance, reverse, retrieve, and obsolesce.

What was the first era of communication?

The history of communication itself can be traced back since the origin of speech circa 100,069 BCE. The use of technology in communication may be considered since the first use of symbols about 30,000 years BCE. Among the symbols used, there are cave paintings, petroglyphs, pictograms and ideograms.

What three eras of communication led to mass communication?

Toronto: Stoddart, pp. 14-60. It provides an overview of the Three Communication Eras: The Oral, Writing & Print, Electric & Electronic, according to Marshall McLuhan and Harold Innis.

What is the talking era of communication?

This eventually led to the development of a “Talking Culture” during the “Talking Era.” During this 150,000 year period of human existence, ranging from 180,000 BCE to 3500 BCE, talking was the only medium of communication, aside from gestures, that humans had (Poe, 2011).

How communication has evolved over time?

The older methods of communication were cave paintings, smoke signals, symbols, carrier pigeons, and telegraph. The latest and modern ways are more convenient and efficient. For example, Television, Cell Phones, Internet, E-mails, Social media, and Text messaging.

What is Stage 5 of communication?

Step 5: Feedback – A vital part of the communication process is feedback. Feedback occurs the sender and receiver check to ensure the message was understood as intended. Feedback is a shared responsibility between the sender and the receiver and can be verbal or non-verbal.

What are the 3 basic types of communication?

Communication can be categorized into three basic types: (1) verbal communication, in which you listen to a person to understand their meaning; (2) written communication, in which you read their meaning; and (3) nonverbal communication, in which you observe a person and infer meaning.

What are the three eras of communication according to McLuhan and Innis?

34-36) Innis and McLuhan identified three communication eras, oral, written and electric.

What are the 6 information ages?

The ages are:
  • Stone age.
  • Iron age(hoe and cutlass)
  • Middle age(feather,pen and ink)
  • Industrial age. (machine)
  • Electronic age.
  • Computer and Information age.

What do you call the era in 1700 1930?

The Industrial Age is defined by mass production, broadcasting, the rise of the nation state, power, modern medicine and running water. The quality of human life has increased dramatically during the Industrial Age.

What are the 5 periods of media?

  • Eras #1 and #2: Oral and Written. Manuscripts and written culture began to develop.
  • Era #3: The PRINT Revolution. Johannes Gutenberg Printing Press. ...
  • Era #4: The Electronic Era. Information Age started with the TELEGRAPH in the 1840s. ...
  • Era #5: The Digital Era.

What is the era of technology?

The Information Age (also known as the Computer Age, Digital Age, Silicon Age, New Media Age, or Media Age) is a historical period that began in the mid-20th century.

What devices did people use to communicate with each other?

Long before the earliest writings of the Sumerians and the Egyptians were developed, people communicated with each other by a number of different methods. Early humans could express thoughts and feelings by means of speech or by signs or gestures. They could signal with fire and smoke, drums, or whistles.

What is McLuhan communication?

His very famous theory was “the medium is the message” which means that the resource used or mode through which they are presenting shows the message, not really the content. This theory then leads to how technology is seen as an extension to human senses. McLuhan stated, “Media have powerful effects on societies.

What is the Tetrad model?

The tetrad consists of four questions. What does the medium enhance? What does the medium make obsolete? What does the medium retrieve that had been obsolesced earlier? What does the medium reverse or flip into when pushed to extremes?

What is a hot media according to McLuhan?

Quick Reference. A distinction made by McLuhan between media such as print, photographs, radio, and movies (hot media) and media such as speech, cartoons, the telephone, and television (cool media). Hot media are 'high definition' because they are rich in sensory data.

Who is the father of communication?

Alexander Graham Bell : father of modern communication / Michael Pollard.
Bibliography, etc.:Includes bibliographical references (p. 62) and index.
Summary:Examines the life and accomplishments of the speech teacher whose study of sound and the human voice ... led to his invention of the telephone. Read More

How did people communicate before the telephone?

The Telegraph and Morse Code

Samuel Morse created Morse code so that it could be used to send messages through telegraph wires. The telegraph was the antecedent to the telephone. Users could send messages, but the receiver couldn't hear the voice of the sender.


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